Some pic picks from the Olympics!


My girlfriend and I recently took a trip to the Washington peninsula for a quick break from the city life. We headed out Wednesday afternoon and arrived in Forks at 8pm. Yes, that's Forks from Twilight. We planned on camping at Third Beach and let me tell ya, it did not disappoint. Due to our late arrival we trekked through the woods with just our headlamps. We arrived at the beach, with the half moon reflecting on the water and lighting up the sand. Needless to say, the stars were all out. Each one. 

On our way back we camped at Lake Crescent which was my first time. The Fairholme campsight is first come first serve which made things easy. Our car camping spot had a great little beach just down hill from the picnic table, which offered stunning views of the calm waters. It was an amazing couple of days and I'm excited to share the photos with you!





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