Starting My Adventure Blog

Oh God....I'm a Blogger

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! I’ve never written a blog before, or anything past the dreaded school papers, so this will be a new challenge. Bear with me. My name is Cody Benally, I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, but I have recently spent the last 5 years in Seattle, Washington. Growing up my family and I would go skiing in Colorado, Utah and Eastern Arizona, and camping every year at Lake Powell. I never traveled too far in the US and definitely not outside the states. It wasn’t until college I took a trip to Paris, as part of a fine arts study abroad program. As a Global Studies major with a focus in Violence, Conflict & Human Rights, we needed an international component to graduate. It was here I caught the travel bug. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to travel to South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Tanzania, Kenya, and Canada…hey, it still counts. My posts will be about my times abroad, but also about my adventures here in the US. I love spending time outdoors and camping in the wilderness, so most of the US posts will be of those adventures. I might even toss in the occasional restaurant, we’ll see, but don’t get your hopes up. The irony of this initial adventure blog is it’s 1:30am, I’m listening to Ben E King’s Stand By Me, and rocking my second favorite basketball shorts as pajamas, nothing about me says “adventure” at the moment. Hope you like this catalog of adventures as much as I’ve enjoyed putting them down in words.